Mickey’s Halloween Party 2018

We had so much fun making our Halloween costumes this year! I stayed up until 2am making Brad’s flippin’ vest for him though. 😉 But hey, I STILL GOT IT! I busted out the ol sewing machine for the first time in a couple years, and I completely forgot how much I actually enjoy sewing!

^^ Nana going through TSA! You better believe I wore my precious work onto the plane – I wasn’t going to risk it getting smashed in the suitcase! 😉 ^^

We joined forces with some of our friends, The Smiths, to create the cast of Peter Pan! It was so fun seeing it all come together. Lucy was in character all night, calling her friend Boston “Peter”.

Moments before Greta screamed in captain hooks face!

“POPPYCOCK!” — I don’t know why this picture makes me laugh sooooo hard!?

To all of you who guessed that I’m dressing up as Nana, YOU WERE RIGHT! ✨ We were all first timers at “Mickey’s Halloween Party” and had an absolute blast watching the parade, and eating tons of candy! Be sure to watch to the end to see Greta encounter Captain Hook — Hahhaha — You have to tell us what your favorite part was and what you’re dressing up as for Halloween! Eeek, it’s almost here!


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