Sunflowers + Sunshine

I love this time of year where it still feels like summer, but there is a crisp breeze in the air. It is my goal to get outside and enjoy every last ounce of this weather every day because it doesn’t last long around here!

Today I thought it would be fun to write a sentence to describe what’s been going on with each of us this last month:

HAILEY: Obsessed with anything peanut butter at the moment, and wearing braid crowns basically every day.

BRAD: Working so endlessly on his new camera backpack company (Holdland), and I’m so proud seeing it all come together!

LUCY: Our teeniebopper performer that throws on a dress and demands “Firework” by Katie Perry to perform for every guest that walks through our front door!

GRETA: The queen of silly voices — She pulls my hair behind my ear and in a deep breathy voice says, “Heyyyyyy baby” that leaves me ROLLING!

Photos by Haley Hoch



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