Planning our next trip with American Express Cash Magnet Card

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This is Brad here! I wanted to hop on and tell you a bit on how we schedule our trips. It can be super daunting at first. New location, new currency, new food, all of it. So hopefully I can help alleviate some of that stress and give you a 5-point checklist of things to do before your upcoming trip.

I also want to give a special thanks to American Express for sponsoring this post and for letting me introduce their new American Express Cash Magnet Card™, a great option for your future spending.

First thing’s first:

1.         Choosing a destination

There are SO many places to see! So I’ll list our favorite places to travel.

            Kyoto, Japan

            Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

            Stavanger, Norway (pulpit rock)

            Krabi, Thailand

            Faroe Islands

2.          Booking a flight

We always buy the bulk of our trips toward the end of the year, in November or December. You will save SO much money and the money you do save, you can put toward all those churros, if you know what I mean haha! I do have to say that the American Express Cash Magnet Card has an awesome feature called Pay It Plan It. With Plan It, you can make a qualifying purchase of $100 or more then use Plan It to set up monthly payments to pay for the item over a fixed period of time with a fixed monthly fee, which is awesome for the adventurous ones to take the leap and go to one of those bucket list locations! You can also use Pay It to pay for smaller purchase amounts.

Terms apply, learn more here.

3.         Booking Accommodations

When planning on where to stay, we always make sure we stay by top tourist locations, or at least close to some. The main reason is that in many countries, convenient stores and restaurants are built around popular locations.

4.         Transportation

We research transportation before traveling to each location. Japan, for example, has an amazing train system both above and underground. I wouldn’t recommend a car unless you are a pro driver haha!

If you do rent a car, go with a well-known company. One time Hailey and I went cheap in England, and I hit a little rock with the wheel of the car. I thought I had insurance, but I didn’t read their fine print and never saw the end of the bills/fees!

5.         Food

Be adventurous and don’t go with the safe route! Ask the people in the country what their most popular food is. But always make sure the restaurant isn’t too sketchy and that the food is well cooked!

Each location is different – you can even apply this to a road trip. The main thing is to come up with a base plan, but also plan for the unexpected!

When traveling abroad I would also recommend updating or getting passports three months prior to your trip. Also make sure you have all the necessary immunization shots.

Traveling obviously costs a lot of money, but I feel it is more valuable than anything else, it’s an experience!

I got the American Express Cash Magnet Card and it’s helped streamlined my spending. I know I’m getting 1.5% Cash Back on my purchases with the Card! Not to mention the Pay It Plan It features gives me more control over how I pay for the things I buy.

Comment below any questions you might have, but most importantly remember to be adventurous, expect the unexpected and HAVE FUN!



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