Norway Travel Guide

“Norway has a special place in my heart. You just can’t beat the lush scenery, and it’s where my grandparents were raised!” – Hailey



June – August


Freia Chocolate, Leiban’s,Smorbukk Caramels, Rice Cream, Solo (orange soda), Lefsa, Kvick “Quick Lunch” (Similar to a Kitkat),strawberries (they’re better in Norway!), “Best in the World” cake (white cake with meringue & creme), and Marzipan cake.


Salmon with dill dressing, meatballs, waffles & jam, polsa, and open face sandwiches!

DAY 1: 

Fly into Oslo and drive straight to Notodden. Expect traffic if you fly in after 3pm. We enjoyed staying at this quaint Airbnb. Visit Heddal Stave Church (it’s just down the street.)

DAY 2: 

Drive through Telemark (Great photo opportunity in the countryside) and on to Stavanger.


Take the ferry to the Preikestolen Hike (You will need most of the day). Then visit the Three Swords, and Stavanger Harbor.

DAY 4: 

Drive to Kinsarvik, and stop at the Langfoss, Latefoss waterfalls along the way. I would highly recommend staying at the Ullensvang Hotel. I felt like I was in a Wes Anderson movie! Bring your swimsuit for the pool for the fjord (we took the polar plunge!), and eating at the buffet for dinner. This is the best meal we had in Norway, I highly recommend it! Ask for the meatballs — they are amazing.

DAY 5: 

Drive to Bergen (HWY 7), and stop at the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall. Visit Gamle Bergen on your way into town. It’s the “old town” Bergen, and it’s a way cool photo opportunity! 

DAY 6:

Spend day in Bergen. Visit the fish market, and if it’s a clear day take the Floibanen to the top lookout! Food Recomendations: Baker’s Brun on the harbor (pastries for breakfast), Zupperia on the harbor (I LOVED the Clam Chowder, it has whole lobster in it!), Have Cafe inside Kjottebasam (behind starbucks on the harbor), literally the best fish and chips we’ve ever eaten.


DAY 7:

Drive to Balestrand (E16) stopping at the Tivvesfossen waterfall. Visit the stave church along the way! Stay in a Balestrand cabin Airbnb. (The one we stayed at isn’t listed anymore, but there are plenty of others you can find on Airbnb!). Walk around cute neighborhoods, and take in the scenery. The Kviknes Hotel (antique hotel), is really pretty to see, too!

DAY 8:

Drive to Briksdal Glacier and hike to the top. There is an amazing waterfall covered in moss, along your way! We had a hay-day shooting there. 😉 Then drive to Mundal and stay at Fjaerland Fjordstue Hotel. You stay right on the fjord, and it is crystal blue in the summer. Breakfast is awesome, too!

DAY 9:

Drive to Eidfjord & see the Voringfossen waterfall. It’s overwhelming how big this waterfall is! Then stay in town (We stayed at the Quality Inn). 

DAY 10: 

Drive to Oslo, (long day on the road: Pick up some lefse, chocolate, and strawberries for the ride!) and visit Vigeland Park aka Frogner Park in the evening. 

DAY 11:

Spend the day in Oslo. Visit the Viking Museum and the Folkemuseum. (The Folkemuseum is a MUST.) Food is pretty expensive in Oslo, we found that Peppe’s Pizza was the best option. Then fly Home at night!

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  1. May 22, 2015 / 10:47 pm

    I would have never thought to add Norway to my bucket list but your gorgeous photos have convinced me.

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