Dinner Party

Two nights in a row we scored the best dinners with the best company. My great aunt Turid (My Poppy Per’s sister) and my extended cousins made us feel right at home in Norway. Brad seemed to fit right in with everyone and I had to keep pinching myself that we were THERE. We kept cheersing throughout the dinner and saying “Skal”. I thought it was pronounced “Score”, so I raised my glass to make a toast and said “Score!” — Hahah whoops! They seemed to get a kick out of that. It was such a treat to see my cousin Lisa (We spent a summer staying at eachothers homes when we were 18) and I started to cry when I saw her walk in with a baby in her arms! So so sweet. Both nights we stayed until about 11pm, the time just went too fast! It was such a treat chatting with Turid and hearing her childhood memories with my Poppy. She adores my Dad and it’s so apparent to see when she talks to him. The whole experience was so special and fun, my Mom cried when we left. Family is really what it’s all about, huh.

Dress: Piper and Scoot || Women’s Sandals: Urban Outfitters || Men’s Sunglasses: Glasses.com || Watches: Arvo

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