My Video Diary

because videos can’t be stored in a journal…

Brad was one of my best friends as a teenager. Similar interests (like having our faces behind cameras) brought us together. He’s a big phone talker.. And so am I. One night, we were talking in person.. and he surprised me with a kiss! I was shocked how that kiss changed everything. I knew from then on, that I was going to marry him.

The summer of 2009 is when Brad and I became two peas in a pod. We spent so much time making this video, that we thought it’d never end! We also about died after the scene where we jump into the Great Salt Lake – hahah Brad totally dry-heaved after going head under that nasty water! You’d never know watching this, huh?

“Who do I miss?”
Obviously I was missing ‘someone’ after Brad left on his LDS mission.
These are the presents I created for Brad while he celebrated his birthdays half way across the globe! I cut him out frame by frame in both videos, and used the rotoscoping tool in AE. I know that I spent a good 30 hrs making each of these! What is my life? Hahah.
November 5th, 2011: I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest the morning of his arrival: “I’m going to see Brad TODAY.” I about died when we locked eyes for the first time in two years — “You’re real!?” I will never forget this moment and I’m so thankful that my brother Trevor captured it — I love reliving this over and over.
PS. His parents went down to Chile to pick him up (His Mom is from there, so they stayed with his grandparents and cousins) Thats why we had the airport scene to ourselves! His Mom is the cute lady holding the white box at 1:41. 😉 
December 5th, 2011: We had the day off, so I planned for us to have a photo-date (Yeah we’re nerds, I know) at the Great Salt Lake. We spent some time out there before his mission, and I went there often when I was feeling lonely while he was gone. I made friends with this old sailer Paho, who lives out there. Paho would always invite me to go on his sailboat, but I never accepted the offer because I was always alone and that seemed a little sketchy. One of the things I would write Brad about was how excited I was for us to accept Paho’s offer and go sailing when he returned! So while Brad and I were out there on our photo-date, we knocked on Paho’s camper and no one answered. Brad pulled over the car to some random guy and asked “Hey do you know Paho?” The guy: “Yeah, he’s out of town. Whats up?” Brad: “Oh we were wondering if he would take us out on his boat..” The Guy: “Oh I’m actually about to go out on a ride with my friend! Want to join us?” Being these young spontaneous kids, we accepted! Amidst freezing to death, it was the most gorgeous sunset. I handed my camera to the lady in the boat to snap a photo of us (little did I know, she was filming) and Brad was awkwardly not coming to sit by me? He started kneeling in the center of the boat holding my grandpa’s vintage camera we had used as a photo prop that day. He started by saying “I actually knew Lance (the random guy) before this.” and I had a sudden sick/confused feeling come over me! Similar to the feeling of finding out about the truth behind Santa Claus… “Are they plotting to kill me and throw me overboard? My Mom has no idea where I am right now!” A million thoughts were racing through my head — everything BUT getting engaged! Ha! But things quickly flipped and turned out to be the BEST surprise ever. He opened up the back of my grandpa’s camera and my ring was hooked to one of the little gears — What a sneaky charlie! I’m still confused how he pulled this one off so well.
Save the date for our wedding! We came up with this idea and filmed it within 24 hours.
Thanks again Trevor!
Thanks to Brad’s Mom working for an airline company, when we first started dating Brad took me to NYC (red-eye to red-eye) for my first time. New York has been so sentimental ever since. Thats why we decided to have our bridals shot there. 🙂
Video credit: Trevor Haugen
Our rainy wedding day, I wouldn’t have had it any other way!
We stumbled upon one of the most amazing sights shortly after we were married…
Our work takes us a lot of places, and we are so blessed share some of these experiences together.
This was the day we found out I was expecting… It for sure called for a happy dance!
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