How tall are you? How tall is Brad?
I am 5’7” and Brad is 6’5”

What is your natural hair color? 
Blonde! I have never dyed it before.

Where are your favorite places to shop? 
Check out my page “Things I Fancy”

What is your occupation? 
Brad and I are videographers.Your advice on starting a new photo/video business?
Find your own style. Start a few projects to build your portfolio, then offer a few “trade” jobs to get your name out there. Be personable and add your own creativity to each project. You’re in for a fun adventure!
What kind of camera/lenses do you use? 

I’m looking for a cheaper alternative to your equipment. What do you recommend?
I recommend starting with a cheaper camera body Canon Rebel t5i, and start a lens collection. The lenses recommended above are in the order of what I would recommend purchasing first.

What kind of software do you guys use to edit your movies?
Final Cut Pro X

How do you go about finding music for your videos?
We license our music through themusicbed.com

My boy/girlfriend is going on a LDS mission – Advice on how to get by these next two years?
It’s tough because everyone is so different! I learned that when I started having fun and continued to live my life, the time went so much quicker. 🙂 Get creative with fun things to send, ask a lot of questions to stay involved, and don’t be afraid to share your testimony! He/she will love to hear that you are growing in the same ways that they are. Enjoy this time because looking back, the time goes fast!

Where did you get your wedding dress?
I had it altered basically from scratch.

What stone is your wedding ring, and where did Brad get it?
It is an opal (my birthstone!) & Brad has yet to tell me his secret.

Can I hire you to design my blog?
Unfortuneately I do not offer blog design.
I want to start a blog; do you have any tips for me? 
Be genuine and blog about what you’re passionate about — Be authentic by being YOU!