Video Collaborations

I am so genuinely thrilled to share our collaboration and experiences with Airbnb today. Ever since we discovered Airbnb last year, we have been completely hooked whenever we travel!  I was so pleasantly surprised to rent a whole home for such an affordable price. Staying in an unfamiliar city, it’s refreshing to not feel like a complete tourist. Our hosts welcomed us into their homes with open arms, and I feel like we became instant friends. Is everyone who lists on Airbnb …Cool? Because it sure seems like it. Ha! They gave us local insights that we would have never known about, if we had stayed in a hotel. I loved staying in these unique spaces. 


Watch // Arvo
FujiFilm Instax Mini // Urban Outfitters
Instax Mini Rainbow Film // Urban Outfitters
All photos and video shot with the Canon Tilt Shift Lens

This collaboration was straight dangerous because we fell in LOVE with this car. I guess it was also dangerous because I was learning how to drive manual while filming too, ha! A few choice words almost came out of my mouth while holding up traffic. I felt like a bad ace jelly bean in this car, haha it has a mini Ferrari engine so its pretty sporty sounding. Thanks Ken Garff for letting us borrow your little beauty!



Everyday I scroll my Instagram, Twitter, & Bloglovin’ feeds, and I find myself smacked in the face with these constant numbers. So-and-so has 597K followers, getting 27,000 likes per picture, and 800 comments. My first initial thoughts are, “Wow that’s impressive, they must be pretty cool.” – I’m sure that they are pretty cool, but I believe that the numbers are not what make a person “cool”. At the end of the day, what do these numbers really matter?” The truth is that they don’t matter at all, they are just numbers. Numbers don’t define how insanely cool you are, & I think that realization is insanely cool. 

Let’s join together, no matter how many ‘numbers’ we have, & try to be a little more Bona-Fide or ‘insanely cool’. Compliment a stranger, mail a thoughtful note, & reach out to an old friend! THAT is what makes you insanely cool.

Hop over to the BonaFide to shop this print! 


I am so thrilled to partner with my favorite online boutique Piper and Scoot for this video collaboration! In my opinion, everything on their site is swoon worthy. The outfits in this video are all found at

Watch // Arvowear
Tattoos // Picattoo

In the world that we live in today, we are our own worst critic …Especially through social media. It’s good to remember that we need to be nice to everybody including ourselves. Which is why I started the campaign #benicetoyourselfie. I want challenge you to “be nice to your selfie” by proudly liking your own selfie you upload onto Instagram and adding this hashtag. Lets spread the power of kindness!


Nothing feels cooler than filming with actual FILM! Many of you know that I collect vintage cameras, and they sat on my shelves as decoration because I had no idea how to get my hands on some film…  I cannot thank Acme Camera Co. enough for helping me fulfill this dream! I totally cried when I got the film back, it is absolutely priceless. Everything you see is completely raw, except for the logo at the end. 😉