BEING SELF EMPLOYED: Expectation vs. Reality

**Sponsored by H&R Block Online**

Did you know that Brad and I have both been self employed since we were engaged!? Soooo crazy to think about now! We dove into our first year of marriage, working for ourselves — and while it took a lot of self discipline, we had the time of our lives being young entrepreneurs in the video industry. We got to choose your own hours (for the most part)… Work (editing videos) from our bed… It was pretty great, until — dun, dun, dunnnnn…. Tax season rolled around.

I remember thinking that we were being so smart by putting money away, and that we would have so much savings for our future… And while it was SMART to save our money, I was living in Lalaland thinking that we got the keep all of our savings. Tax season came and we literally had to pay out our entire savings account — It felt like a sick joke! And I know, it could have been way worse… Like, luckily we had the funds for our taxes — but I remember feeling sick to my stomach ending the first year of marriage with NO SAVINGS. It was a huge reality check — Especially to this young “the-sky-is-the-limit” dreamer.

So year two of our marriage (and working for ourselves) came, and we promised that we would NOT make the same mistake as the year prior! Our situation of being self employed has always been super unique, in the fact that our finances are a little unpredictable from year to year. So that’s why H&R Block Online is so rad, because it’s an easy, cost effective way to do your own taxes online. It’s SO NICE to feel that sense of relief when tax season comes around! And the cool thing is that it’s not just for self employed people like us, but there are four easy-to-use solutions for every life/employment situation and budget. It’s so easy and cost-effective to do
your own taxes! With H&R Block’s No Surprise Guarantee, you’ll have no unwelcome surprises about price.

So here is a link to get 25% off all H&R Block Online solutions — I wish I would have known of a solution like this years ago!


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