My heart is so full of gratitude today, especially having these three by my side! ❤️ This last year has been quite a journey for me as I’ve shifted my feelings of guilt (basically feeling unworthy for the blessings in my life), into unconditional GRATITUDE. My life is far from perfect, but it’s so easy for me to beat myself up and feel so guilty anytime something goes RIGHT. And then this pessimistic side of me starts searching for something bad beneath such a beautiful blessing!? Like, why do I do this!? Then I had this lightbulb moment that I’m CHOOSING to make myself feel miserable! So now I’m completely replacing the feelings of guilt with gratitude and it has honestly lifted me and brought so much light into my life. My blessings no longer feel like a looming cloud of guilt, but like the sacred gift from god that they are. ✨ And it all starts with one simple question every day: “WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?”


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