Miss Accident Prone

This has been quite the year with Lucy. Between battling asthma, banging her head against stuff… She’s just all been our child that gives us the most worries. We have had a traumatic last few days with Lucy in severe mouth pain, and I’m so thankful for this community both in and out of instagram who rallied around our little family while Brad has been away! We went back and forth from dentist, to doctor, to the emergency room, and no one could figure out what was wrong with her. I felt so helpless seeing her in so much pain with no answers. 💔 After three days the emergency pediatric dentist found that it was an infected filling and her tooth was dying. Poor bug! She put up a pretty good fight in the ER to get sedated… There was a paper on our door that said “beasty” haha don’t know if that was coincidence or not!? So we chose to get anti-anxiety meds prior to her IV, and there was a 1% chance that it would have a negative “angry pirate” effect, and turns out Lucy was in that one percent! My Dad lost all the color in his face watching me wrestle her while she got poked for what felt like forever to get that dang IV in. Anxiety and nausea runs pretty strong in our family, so I’m surprised we didn’t all end up passing out on the floor. 😱😂 I laugh about it now, but it was seriously the freakiest thing in the moment. She finally got sedated, her tooth was extracted, and all is well now! 💌 I’m hoping this is the end of the emergency rooms for us for a while! Thanks for all of your prayers and sweet messages!


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