Meeting Great Grandparents in CHILE!

What you probably don’t know about Brad , is that he’s half Chilean! 🇨🇱 We try to stay connected with all our family through facetime, and our most recent time we tried talking to his Tata (grandpa) in Chile, he couldn’t grasp the concept of talking to us through a screen. It broke my heart because I want my girls to know their great grandparents! So it only felt right for us to book a flight, for this once in a lifetime trip.

We got the airport, all stoked for this trip, and the guy at the counter told us that our flight left TWO HOURS AGO! AH! We misunderstood our flight schedule (we explain it fully in the video), and completely missed our flight. We all stood there crying because they said that there was nothing that they could do! I was SICK! Especially because Brad’s parents and siblings were already down there, and it’s very likely that this would be our last trip down there all together, because Tata is 94.

We went back home and Brad got on the phone with Latam Airlines for literally 11 hours, when the sweetest man pulled some strings for us to go. It was seriously a MIRACLE! As we boarded the plane, I was filled with tears and gratitude! I couldn’t believe that we were actually getting to go!

Lucy was so excited to meet Abuelita that she hugged her so tight and wouldn’t let go! She was a little nervous to meet Tata for some reason, but warmed up to him as they ate cheese sandwiches together. 🙂 Even though there was a huge language barrier, it was so unbelievably sweet to see my girls interact with their great grandparents.

Brad’s parents (Gladys & Terry) with Tata! I love seeing the bond between Gladys and her Dad, and being a fly on the wall with such a unique family dynamic. Terry is so witty throwing out jokes in his full English accent, while no one really understands what he is trying to say – hahah! It was seriously so awesome. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. I’m so blessed to be married into such an amazing family! My only hope is that Lucy and Greta remember the love they felt in this home as we were all together. 🙂 Abuelita sent Lucy home with a little toy cat, and I know she will cherish it forever!

Check out the height difference between Brad and his grandpa! Haha! Don’t you see the family resemblance in their face though? I feel like Brad looks so much like him!

Greta has been really into taking pictures lately. 🙂 She walks around with the camera over here face saying “Cheeeese!”

Lucy’s little cousins were so warm and welcoming to her! The second we opened the car door, all her little cousins took her by the hand and took her to play! It was so cute watching them try to communicate with each other, and I couldn’t believe how well they played together. It goes to show that a smile is the best form of communication!

Brad’s extended family that live in Chile, minus a few!

My cute sister in laws!

Brad’s cousin Paulita with Greta! I laughed over Gretas little jelly sandals… They wouldn’t button because her ankles are getting so chubby!

Benjamin and Rosana (in the middle) were so welcoming, and hosted all of us to say in their home!

Lucy and Greta with all of their little cousins in Chile! It reminds me of the photos I have as a five year old with all my extended cousins in Norway. 🙂 I’m so thankful for miracles, and that we were able to go on this special trip. It is one that we will be telling the future generations about! You can watch the video for more details and stories about our time spent with our family down there. 🙂


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