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passion project | Hailey Devine passion project | Hailey Devine

passion project | Hailey Devine

Passion Project With Mon Amie

My passion project and partnership with Mon Amie began after hearing about their mission. The positive impact that they are making in communities all around the world is incredible. As you know, I’m trying to be more mindful about the items that I own, and that is why my Mon Amie watch is the most intentional accessory that I own right now. When I wear this watch, I’m not just looking at it’s beautiful/minimal design. I’m looking at the lives that my watch is directly impacting. Like the life of my beautiful friend and Mama, Nitalala.

Nitalala welcomed us with open arms. We sat under the acacia tree, as she taught us her beautiful craft of beading. As we got going with our beading, she started singing and I couldn’t help but smile sitting next to her! Everything about her was just so happy. I loved how even though our lives are so different, that we were able to connect on such a deep level. The more we talked, the more I realized that we aren’t so different after all. We exchanged stories of our children, and she kept staring at this picture of Greta on my phone with a huge smile on her face! She kept saying “I love that baby”, and wouldn’t put it down. A funny thing is that she didn’t know that Brad and I were married at first, and she was so confused why all the babies that I showed her looked like him – Haha! Her love for my children, made my love grow for her even more.

When we were done beading, Nitalala surprised me with tiniest little bracelets for Lucy & Greta. It was such a thoughtful gesture that it made me cry. Her love for my children, that she had never even met, spoke volumes of the woman and Mama that she is. So selfless, and full of love. I looked into here eyes and promised to bring them along when we return, and I’m so excited for that day.

 I think that the most remarkable thing that I learned from the people in Kenya, is that they are constantly looking outside of themselves. They don’t seek anything in life to come free, they seek opportunities to learn, work, and to create self sustainability. To then ultimately serve those around them. I’m so passionate about spreading Mon Amie’s mission because they are setting the foundation to empower women all around the globe, just like Nitalala, to become self sustainable in their community.

Watch our video from this expedition here!

** In partnership with Mon Amie **


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