Cheeky Baby Greta Devine

Cheeky Baby Greta Devine | Somewhere Devine | Traveling Family Cheeky Baby Greta Devine | Somewhere Devine | Traveling Family Cheeky Baby Greta Devine | Somewhere Devine | Traveling Family Cheeky Baby Greta Devine | Somewhere Devine | Traveling Family

**Sponsored by The Honest Company** Cheeky Baby Greta Devine 

It has been a hot second since I have sat down and written a little update about baby Greta! Or maybe I
should say, “not-so- baby” Greta Devine!? This past month she finally decided to start walking (at 14 months), and now she is allllll over the place. She’s getting into the drawers and pulling everything out. Like EVERYTHING. Which drives me bonkers! We have elastics around our cupboards, but everything else in the house is just impossible to contain so… We just live in a giant toy pig-stye right now. 😉

Along with the walking, her personality has really bloomed. It seems like it happened overnight! I hate
saying it, but she instantly became a little girl!? The most fun loving, silly, girly-girl. When you say her
name, she wrinkles her nose with her big crooked-toothed grin! And she mischievously looks back when
walking down the hall, just ASKING to be tickled & chased. She’s so funny to chase, because her hands
go up in the air and she ends up tripping on her own feet! Haha! It’s my favorite thing right now. She’s
also got a passion for fashion — I keep finding the most random things on her wrists like bracelets, and
on her head like a hat! EVERYTHING becomes an accessory somehow. Even diapers. I just can’t get
enough of her.

Speaking of diapers, this month Greta has had the worst diaper rash of the century. I’m not kidding — It
has been so sad! I heard great things about Honest, so we decided to give their products a try, and I
have fallen in love. The diaper rash cream works wonders! And not only do the diapers have adorable prints, they are hypoallergenic, and super absorbent. Her little bum is so much happier now, and I’m
over here considering if I’ll have her wear pants around the house ever again!? 😉 The patterns are just
too cute.

I’m excited to continue to watch Greta’s personality develop this year! She so badly wants to be a “big
girl”, and I think this is the year where her and Lucy become best friends. But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy
every last second of “baby Greta” that I get. They just don’t stay little long enough!

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  1. Ashlee
    December 7, 2017 / 12:16 pm

    Great post!

    Where are your jeans and top from? They look super cute 🙂

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