The Water Walk

Somewhere Devine | The Water Walk | Traveling To Africa

Somewhere Devine | The Water Walk | Traveling To Africa

Somewhere Devine | The Water Walk | Traveling To Africa

Meet Mama Jane. ? Sincerely one of the happiest and strongest women I’ve ever met! Up until recently, she would walk a kilometer from her home to the nearest river several times a day to provide water for her family. Even a few days after giving birth, she would get back to work, carrying her water on her head with her baby strapped to her chest… Talk about STRENGTH. Getting to know Jane and her story touched my heart in a way I can’t explain.

We were fortunate for her to welcome us into her home. We got to spend the day in Mama Jane’s shoes doing her “water walk”. We walked down to the river, filled our jerrycans. I was shocked at how straining it was! I was only carrying half the weight she would normally tow. I couldn’t bear to think about carrying so much, just days after having a baby too. It broke my heart just thinking about it… But of course, she didn’t seem to make a big fuss about it. She simply did whatever was necessary to care for her family. It taught me a huge lesson. That we don’t get to choose the cards we are dealt with in life, but we get to choose our attitude towards them. Seeing her outlook on life, and walking a day in her shoes was so inspiring. ?? Now thanks to Mon Amie, she has water accessible in her community and doesn’t have to walk to the river anymore.

Somewhere Devine | The Water Walk


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  1. November 28, 2017 / 8:58 am

    This is such an amazing ode to Mama Jane and her daily trials. Great job putting in words what all of us were feeling. Such an intense, emotional and transformational experience for all of us. Glad to have you as the face of Mon Amie brand.

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