Walking Through a STORYBOOK

^^ Lulu with Grandpa & Grandma! ^^
^^ Lucy’s tiny toy cat that my Mom bought her… She named it Figaro and it goes everywhere with us now. ^^

^^ Photography on point from “Big H” aka my dad behind the camera. ??? He intended to snap this picture in focus, but I like it better like this! You can see that cute man in the background working in his garden… ^^

^^ Listening to the sound of bells on the cows necks… ^^

Walking through Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland is like stepping into a STORYBOOK. Chalets with flowers billowing over the railings, green rolling hills, and cows with bells on their necks… Every corner we turned I was in disbelief that it was real! Watch our vlog to see our full adventure. 🙂


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