THE SOUND OF MUSIC: Salzburg, Austria

I didn’t want to believe the weather man when he predicted ONE HUNDRED percent rain for the two days that we were in Salzburg, but I’m here to report that his predictions were correct! It didn’t just rain though, it poured buckets on us! We quickly snapped these pictures when it stopped for about ten minutes – ha! The great part about the rain though, is that it takes away the busy crowds… And Lucy scored an awesome umbrella out of it. 😉 We met up with my brother Trevor and his little family, and I won’t lie, we were all feeling pretty bummed about the weather… But watching Lucy and her little cousin Prestley splash in puddles, and run around laughing under their umbrellas made all the difference! We ended up having a lot of fun, despite the weather.


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  1. alisha ko
    September 8, 2017 / 10:01 pm

    my heart melted at how hailey and lucy had match shoes on <3 so stinkin cute!!

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