Don’t you love going to places, and it’s EXACTLY what you thought it’d be in your mind? Hallstatt over exceeded my expectations, and they were pretty high! I have to say that it is now one of my top favorite places in the world… It’s so quaint, and full of color! The houses stack into the mountainside next to a waterfall and the everything sits on the most beautiful lake! The whole scene is just magical. When we first got there, we stumbled upon these little motorized boats and brad & I instantly looked at each other and said “We need to do this!”. It took my Dad some convincing, because it wasn’t initially what we had planned. But we ended up making the driver or “the captain” and we all had so much fun. Our boat only went about 2 MPH, but it was the best €20 we spent all trip! I loved watching Lucy & Greta’s little feet and hands glide in the water alongside the boat. It was cool to see Hallstatt from the water, too. After our boat ride we went into town, and I was dyyyying over every corner! It seemed like every building was so ornately painted, and perfectly well kept, with kittens hanging out the windows, and old women gardening their flowers. It was like walking into a movie set. But I have to say that my favorite part was the company I was surrounded with. I believe that this is hands down, the best stage of my life. The sweet spot. Having children of my own, and enjoying my parents while they are young and full of energy. Traveling with all of them together, was the sweetest experience! ❤️✨



  1. Annika B
    September 7, 2017 / 11:15 pm

    Glad you loved Hallstatt as much as I do. My family owns a cottage nearby so we visit this place nearly every summer.
    You might have noticed, that there’re a lot of chinese tourists? Fun fact: They rebuilt the whole city somewhere in the China with every little detail but mirror inverted. ?

    Liebe Grüße from Austria!

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