We had the opportunity to visit Banff National Park for the first time with our dear friends at Albion Fit! Banff was absolutely BREATH TAKING, and it was such an adventure waking up at sunrise and hiking to shoot their fall collection. We were nervous about the forest fires making the air super smokey, and tricky to shoot… But we got so lucky, and had super clear days!


1) LAKE LOUISE – Our first day in Banff we went to Lake Louise, and my eyeballs about jumped out of my head! The lake is straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, with the big hotel next to it, and red canoes on the milky green water… It was unbelievable. The main area was pretty crowded, so we hiked around the back side of the lake and found a little nook for ourselves and took a dip in the freeeezing water!

2) JOHNSTON CANYON – I had seen pictures of this giant mossy rock circling around the internet, and was SO STOKED to find out that it was in Banff! We hiked up in the evening, and laughed our heads off trying to find it. The giant rock is off the path, before you hit the upper falls. It was a hidden gem, and I’m so happy that we found it!

3) BIKE SUNDANCE TRAIL – We rented bikes in Banff, and it was hilarious because a lot of the girls with us hadn’t been on a bike for like ten years! We were all sliding into each other — it was sooo funny. The Sundance Trail was perfect for us because it wasn’t too hard, but it was beautiful!

4) WALK BANFF VILLAGE – We walked around the village of Banff, poking our heads into little shops, and eating ice cream and fudge! It such a cute little town to get lost in.

5) EAT “COW’S” ICE CREAM – I thought Cow’s was going to be a typical ice cream parlor, but it wasn’t! The smell of the freshly made ice cream cones lured us in, and the flavors were so creative and mouth watering. I’m wishing that I could teleport back, just to get one now!

6) BANFF CANOE CLUB – We rented canoes and took them out on the river! On our boat, we grabbed the wooden canoes, thinking that it would look cute for photos… But our decision quickly bit us in the butt! We were the slowest boat by far hahhah — We kept having races and we would lose every. single. time.

7) LAKE MORAINE – Or should I say Lake Blue Gatorade!? I could not believe that the water of that lake was ACTUALLY that blue. *mind blown* We started hopping across the log dam at the bottom of the lake to quickly realize it was a baaaaad idea — Everyone was rolling all over the place! It made for some hilarious people watching once we got across it though. Soggy sneakers forever!

8) LAKE AGNES HIKE – This is the hike above Lake Louise, and it was gorgeous. It was pretty moderate, so I’d recommend anyone to do it! Plus you get a different view of the lake, too.

9) AGNES TEA HOUSE –  This is the cutest little tea house at the top of Lake Louise! There is no electricity, and all of the food is hiked in and hiked out every day. We got scones, and all sorts of herbal teas. It was the epitome of coziness or Hygge! Which you all know that I’m obsessed with right now. 🙂

10) OFF ROADING –  We rented a Land Rover, and took it off the beaten path! It was fun to make our own little adventure, and to explore new places that aren’t on the map.


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  1. September 12, 2017 / 2:39 am

    I love their stuff, I just wish they made more items in XL. We have one of their stores in Atlanta, but can never buy anything because they don’t carry size Xl or 16! Us slightly larger woman want to look good too. The video is fantastic!

  2. September 13, 2017 / 10:56 am

    Going to Banff next summer and this got me SO STOKED!! I literally can’t wait, thank you for all the tips – I will be putting them to good use!

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