Are you “Yeti” for this!?

^^ My parents are the ultimate couple goals. ^^

We took the train in to Zermatt, and I was so over the moon excited! Obviously to see the real-life Matterhorn (You know my Disneyland obsessed self was interested to see where Walt got his inspo… 😉 ), but to walk around this village that cannot be accessed by cars! We arrived in the evening with our giant pile of luggage, and loaded into this tiny little taxi that resembled a golf cart – ha! We got to our Airbnb, and turned around to see THE MATTERHORN in all it’s glory! It was just as beautiful as I had dreamed it would be. Clouds danced around it as the sun went down, and we had front row seats from our balcony. Our Airbnb was so spacious and we were so happy that Greta could have her own little room because she kept us up the first couple or nights (or did we keep her up!? Ha). We woke up to blue skies and the most beautiful morning in Zermatt. We filled our bellies with pastries and hopped the train to the Matterhorn! The windows opened on the train, and it was so invigorating to feel the wind in my hair all the way to the top. We got to the top, and Lucy kept freaking us out by climbing on the sketchiest piles of rocks! That dare devil. — We sat Greta in Lucy’s lap for a cute little ‘sister’ picture, and this couple from Korea quickly stole our thunder. They got the girls attention and started making them smile to their camera, and they even started positioning them!? Hahhaha — We were laughing soooo hard. Now looking back, I should have given them my email address or something! Aw well.

We spent the rest of the day walking through town, trying not to get hit by the golf-cart-like taxis. We put Lucy on top of a parked ‘bus’, to show how small they are, and she started dancing and put on a show for everyone passing by! One man asked for her autograph in German. 😉 The whole day felt like an absolute dream!



    • Hailey Devine
      September 13, 2017 / 1:22 pm


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