St Michaels Mount & St Ives

^^ Lucy & Rosie being thick as thieves! ^^

^^ Nat and I being the crazy photo Moms. 😉 ^^

^^ Walking on the causeway back from St. Michaels Mount — right before the water rose above the path! Also please appreciate Greta’s face here. Hahah ^^

^^ Brad cut it way too close to get these pictures! The tide was coming in quickkkk ^^

^^ Lucy & her cousin Rosie on the train along the coast to St. Ives! ^^

^^ St. Ives was filled with so much COLOR! It was by far my favorite place we visited in Cornwall. ^^

^^ I got a little more than I bargained for, here! Please notice her fingers on my neck — hahah ^^

^^ The whole crew! We met up with our friend Elizabeth (You can see her wedding video we created in London a few years ago, here!) who now lives in Cornwall — She was the best guide, and took us the the yummiest fish & chip shop! ^^

^^ I couldn’t believe that kids were jumping in, because the water was FREEZING! ^^

^^ Love this crew! So sad that we live in different countries! ^^

We got up early, and while the tide was low, we walked across the causeway to St. Michaels Mount! It was so fun to see all the boats on the sand, while the tide was low. The little girls jumped in them and pretended they were explorers. 😉 We cut it a little close on our way back because the tide was coming in quick! The tide completely covers the causeway, so you have to take a boat back after a certain time. It’s so crazy!

We met up with our friend Elizabeth, and took the train along the coast to St. Ives. It was such a pretty ride and the kids had so much fun jumping around in there! We got to St. Ives and I was overwhelmed with how pretty it was! Like I wanted to shoot photos and videos of EVERYTHING. The water was so clear, and the town was covered in white stucco and cute colored doors! I was dying! It was seriously such a fun day — I wish I lived closer to all of these girls, because it was the best group to spend the day with!

Watch the video from our trip, here!


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