Roaming the streets of LONDON

^^ Primrose Hill was straight out of a story book! I thought we were casually going to bump into Paddington Bear or something. 😉 ^^

^^ Lucy’s real life baby doll. 😉 I love watching their little friendship grow! ^^

^^The sweetest surprise EVER! ?? Over the years, Brad has told me that he wanted me to have a diamond ring for our fifth year anniversary. Our anniversary came and went, and I didn’t bring it up — I thought that maybe it wasn’t going to happen this year. But a couple days after being in England, we got a little package delivered!? I was sitting in the floor feeding Greta when Brad gave me the shock of a lifetime by pulling this out! ?? It feels like a new beginning. I love you sweetheart! ^^

^^Lucy’s British blood is running strong! ?? I’m hoping that we are here long enough for her to come home with an accent??? ^^

^^ This picture is the story of my life! If I have Lucy on my hip and I’m trying to carry a conversation with someone, she’s always shoving something in my face hahah! I’m glad Brad got it on camera. 😉 ^^

^^ You can’t come to London with out getting a WHIPPIE! ^^

^^ We met up with my cousins, Nick and Patrick, for the second half of the day, and got completely drenched! The ironic part is that I bought the cutest rain jacket the night before and DIDN’T BRING IT. Hahah! I learned a big lesson to always pack for rain, even if the forecast says sunshine all day. 😉 It made for some funny memories though. ^^

^^ Lucy taking a very important phone call. ^^

^^ Laughing because AIR GUITAR! Greta, I love you! ^^

It feels a bit weird writing about the fun time we spent in London, after all the attacks that England has been hit with recently. The current events make me sick to my stomach, but we are pressing on to honor this incredible city!  Our thoughts & prayers go out to everyone effected, and living in this beautiful country.

London is one of my favorite cities in the world, so it was such a dream to be able to take our girls there. Especially to show them some of their roots! I kept hoping that Lucy would pick up on the English accent by the time we came home!? Haha! We stayed with a friend in Brad’s hometown, Milton Keynes, and took the train into the city. We walked up to Primrose Hill, and spent the morning at the cutest little park! I love traveling with kids because it allows us to slow down, and really enjoy every moment. We put both of the girls in the same swing, and they thought that was the most fun thing ever! We got into the city and Lucy was so excited to see Big Ben because she recognized that it’s the clock that Peter Pan flew around! 😉 It really is so big and beautiful — I could sit and stare at it all day! We walked around and ate endless ‘Whippies’. I kept telling Brad that Lucy ate all of mine, for an excuse to get another. 😉 We met up with my cousins, Nick and Patrick, and they always have a way of making us all laugh! Even though it poured rain on us, we had so much fun taking them around to see all the sights of London. 🙂



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