Port Isaac & Tintagel Castle

^^ The ice cream trucks in England are LEGIT! This was the most amazing honeycomb ice cream, or as Lucy pronounces it, “ass cream”. ^^

^^ Brad’s sister Natalie! She’s the best to travel with — my girls adore her. ^^

^^ The hike to Tintagel Castle — The water was so clear! ^^

^^ Looking across to Merlin’s Cave. We wish we would’ve gotten there in the morning before the tide came in, because you can walk into it! ^^

As you probably know, Brad was born and raised in England — So every time we visit, we feel like we never have enough time to do everything and see everyone! So this time we decided to stay for three weeks, especially because it was our first time bringing Lucy & Greta with us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our first week, we rented an Airbnb and stayed in Cornwall with Brad’s sister Natalie and her little family, and our good friends Louise & Steve Kirlew who live in Brad’s hometown, Milton Keynes! It was Lucy’s first time to meet Steve, and she kept calling him “Stay-ven”, which made us all ROLL every time she said it — I hope no one ever corrects her. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As we drove into Cornwall, I couldn’t believe how BEAUTIFUL it was! The green rolling hills… The blue pristine water… It was seriously unreal! I felt like we were in my favorite movie, “About Time”. Our Airbnb was on this lush field, and filled with so many kid toys! Lucy & her cousin Rosie kept fighting over this little egg toy, and we joked about leaving a review on Airbnb saying “Your house just needs another set of eggs…” ๐Ÿ˜‰

We drove over to Port Isaac, and the first thing we did was get ice cream from a Kelly’s Ice Cream truck! I’m still dreaming about it…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Best ice cream EVER. It was funny because on the truck it said “Cornish Ice Cream”, and that was the first time the word “Cornish” clicked in my head, and that it meant it was from Cornwall! Hahahha! I’ve heard the word ‘Cornish’ forever and never knew what it meant. Major BLONDE MOMENT!  We brought our stroller which meant the boys were carrying it down all sorts of stairs, and we walked down to the water — We got down there and had a rock skipping competition and laughed our heads off. Louise has this contagious laugh, and has a way of making everything so fun — I swear that’s what made the rock skipping competition that much funnier, was because of her big laugh! We got Lucy and Rosie little fishing nets, and before we knew it, Rosie was completely drenched, crawling in the water — it was so awesome hahah!

Watch the video from our trip, here!



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