Steps to have a GOOD DAY

What’re some of the small things that you do, to help yourself have a good day? I’m trying to live more intentionally, especially because I feel like life is moving so dang fasssssst! So to help me get the most out of everyday, I wrote down this little daily checklist: ?? • GET OUTSIDE, no matter the weather • GET READY, I’m more productive when I’m dressed • GET MOVING, no matter what type of exercise • PLAY, do something carefree and fun • SERVE SOMEONE, put a smile on a someones face • GET SOMETHING DONE, check something off of the ‘to do list’ • TRY SOMETHING NEW, it can be something simple • EXPRESS GRATITUDE, say a prayer, have a quiet moment, write in a journal, and/or tell someone how grateful you are for them • What’s on your list!?


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