Skógafoss, Black Sand Beach, & Seljavallalaug Pool

Our last day in Iceland was such an adventure — Our first stop was at Skógafoss, and we walked right to the bottom of the falls, where there were rainbows tracing through the waterfall. It’s pretty mind boggling how much water is constantly flowing off of those falls, it was so powerful! We were cracking up because Greta could hardly move in her little snowsuit and looked like a total gnome — She has never suited her name better! Lucy was wearing her little yellow rain jacket, and a couple photographers gave us their email addresses to exchange photos that they took of her. (Which reminds me, I need to email them…) I love people! We changed a diaper at the car before we got to the waterfall, and set it on our windshield so that we COULD NOT forget to throw it away — but sure enough, we left and noticed it hanging on for dear life on the highway! Hahahha hang on little buddy! We made it to Black Sand Beach, and it was Greta’s first time sitting in sand. The moment I sat her in it, she started laughing! It was warm and felt so nice to sit in. Lucy is becoming quite the little scavenger, and filled her jacket with all sorts of little rocks. I loved letting the girls get messy, and get some sand in their shoes! To end the day, we wanted to go to a geothermal pool, and the Seljavallalaug Pool was PERFECT — Especially with kids. The hike was a breeze, and the temperature of the pool was perfect. We laughed while making bets about how many people in the pool would be naked, and sure enough, most of them were! Luckily the water was pretty murky… 😉 We got up there around sunset and the beauty was unreal. We were in this little pool surrounded by waterfalls and the most amazing mountain range. The girls had so much fun splashing around! Brad and my brother in law Tyson took the Polar Bear Plunge, by jumping into the river next to the pool! I still can’t believe that they actually did it. Nat and I sat in the pool with the girls, cheering them on!


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