Reykjavik & The Golden Circle

We’ve had this Iceland/England trip planned with Brad’s sister Natalie and her little family for months, and we are so excited for it to finally come! We have two sets of daughters that are the exact same age, so it made the whole trip extra fun. They go through the same ups and downs with traveling with little kids, so we found the humor in it. And I have to say that Nat and I got the whole “nursing on-the-go” thing down! We sang our theme song, “This is how we do it”! We’re such losers haha — ANYWAY… We landed in Reykjavik and it honestly looked like we were on a different planet! As we were exiting the airplane, the Icelandic flight attendant sarcastically said, “Enjoy the beautiful weather!” as we hit a wall of wind smacking us from every direction! I honestly felt like Greta was going to blow out of my arms — it was INTENSE. We got to our rental car, and it kinda felt like we were in a movie about the end of the world??? Hail slamming into us as we were sheltering our children and loading in all of our belongings! Brad and I got in the car with our hair all wind-blown, and said “Welcome to Iceland!” Hhaha! We got to our Airbnb and it was so quaint and cozy. We teased Nat for asking where the main cathedral was located, when you could see it a couple blocks away out of our window! Ha! It was seriously such a prime location. We started unpacking our stuff, when Brad opened up his backpack for the laptop and it wasn’t there — I was seriously sick and so confused! We realized that it got left at the TSA in LAX airport, because we had so much stuff to put in different trays, it got left behind. You’d think that we’d have this traveling thing down by now, right!? *palm to the face* The reason why it was so bad was because we wouldn’t have a way to unload any of our camera cards, and it’s not like you can just go buy a laptop in the middle of Iceland! We got so blessed, because our brother-in-law Tyson brought his 2007 Macbook Pro, which we had previously teased him about because it’s so old, and it pulled through with flying colors! We did end up getting the laptop back later in the trip though, which was also a huge blessing in and of itself. After we got that all sorted, we went and walked around Reykjavik and it was sooooo cute. It reminded me a little of Norway! We got dinner at this french fry place, and we were thanking our lucky stars that our daughters are so young because the music they had playing in there was so unbelievable crude! We were struggling to carry a conversation without busting up laughing!

We woke up and went to the cutest local bakery, ran by all these hip guys, and bought a loaf of bread, some cheese and jam for a picnic… Natalie and I walked outside to Brad’s head hanging out the car window asking “What did you just spend $55 dollars on!?” Hahah craaaaaap. We probably should have known the exchange rate before walking in there? It actually ended up being our cheapest meal of the trip though. Food in Iceland is just plain expensive! Anyway, we drove up to the Golden Circle and our first stop was at Gullfoss. It was one of the biggest waterfalls I’ve ever seen! Seriously so powerful! Greta spat her binky under the boardwalk and Brad was a lifesaver and crawled under for it. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his daughters. 😉 Then we went to the geysers, and Lucy kept asking “Where are all those mans?”, Like we were going to see “Guys Sirs”! She was a little scared of it at first, but then thought it was so funny getting wet next to it. She waved her hand saying “ewww stinky!” because it smelled like rotten eggs! Poor Tyson stood next to the geyser at the wrong time and got completely drenched! So funny though! We stopped and ate lunch next to an abandoned barn, and the girls had so much fun running and purposely falling. The grass was so soft, it was like bouncy! And the food we grabbed at the bakery was delicious. I can appreciate a nice piece of crunchy bread and jam! We finished the day by visiting some of the most adorable horses, and hiking the Kerid crater! I was baby-wearing Greta, and Lucy kept asking me kneel down to her level so that she could make her laugh. These are the moments that make traveling with our girls so special!


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  1. Aliyah
    May 26, 2017 / 6:27 am

    I wish these photos had a button to Pin It! I would pin every single one. The quality is so amazing and the pictures are so magical! ❤️

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