^^ I spy our suitcase back there! ^^

Kinkaku-ji Temple was at the top of my list of things to see in Kyoto, and we saved it for our last morning since it was right next to our Airbnb! I thought it would be a quick stop, before we headed out of the city! But what I didn’t think about, was that we would be stuck with our luggage after we checked out of our Airbnb! CURSE YOU, LUGGAGE! We had the option to go lock it into a locker at the train station, but it was ridiculously out of the way. It would have taken us half an hour to the station, and half an hour back, so it was just dumb. SO we decided to take our suitcase with us – hahahaha! I hated myself for being THAT person, wheeling my suitcase over there. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! As we got closer to the ticket gate, we saw this big tree… Brad joked about leaving our suitcase behind it, and I totally just went for it. I hid the suitcase behind the tree! Hahah! Japan is seriously the only place where I would dare to do that. Everything is so safe, and I feel like everyone is so honest! Plus it didn’t have any valuables in it, just a bunch of clothes. #WORTHIT

We turned the corner to see the Golden Temple, and it was incredible! I still can’t believe that it was built and gold plated in 1397 — My mind can’t even think back that many years ago. 😉 And for it to be kept in such pristine condition was unreal. It makes sense why this was the most popular place to visit in Kyoto. Speaking of popular, can we talk about the crowds!? There were soooooo many people there. We had to wait for the crowd to break up, to get a couple decent pictures!

After we got some pork buns and had some ice cream, we walked out to our moment of truth — WOULD OUR LUGGAGE STILL BE THERE!? I almost didn’t even want to look, in fear that it would be gone… But TA-DA! It was still there! We were laughing so hard. So I guess the lesson of the day was, trust your belongings in strange places. 😉 Kidddddingggg.

Sunglasses: Free People
Shoes: Zara

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