Monkey Park in JAPAN

We kept going back and forth whether or not to take our girls to Monkey Park, because we had no idea what to expect! I’m a little scared of monkeys, because I got bit by one during my first visit to England! It was a freak accident of the monkey thinking my ring was food, so I’m a little forgiving of what happened. 🙂 We had heard great things about Monkey Park, and were curious more than anything, so I got over my fear & we decided to go! We agreed to not get too close to the monkeys, especially with Lucy & Greta. We got to the front gate and it said, “15 minute hike”, and so we enjoyed our walk up the mountain… Fifteen minutes later we reached a map that said, “You are here” and the marker was literally at the bottom of the trail! We were like, “How high do we have to hike to get to this park!?” Haha! We hiked another 20 minutes to the first little park with swings & slides, and we saw our first monkey! It was on the roof of the bathroom. Of course, Lucy had to pee, so Brad & Lucy had to encounter the monkey on their way. The monkey stood there, looked up at Brad, and then quickly smacked Lucy across the chest! What on earth!? Brad picked up Lucy and was prepared to smack it back with his tripod! #ProtectiveDadMoment We all just stared at each other in disbelief! Like did that really just happen!? Hahah – Poor Lucy. Surprisingly she wasn’t that freaked out though, she just kept saying, “That monkey hit me!”

We continued to hike to the top, and that is where we saw the sign saying, “Don’t stare Monkeys in the eye, or they may attack.” – Why didn’t they put this sign at the bottom of the mountain so that you’re aware!? Hahha – The whole situation was so comical. Every time a monkey came near us I felt like I was on egg shells trying to avoid eye contact! Sooooo funny. There’s a feeding house where you can be free from monkeys, and it has big caged windows that you can feed them out of! That’s when it got really enjoyable, because you know that you couldn’t get attacked. 😉 It was so cute to see Lucy putting apples in their tiny little hands!

So the overall experience was pretty hilarious. I’d for sure go again, just be careful not to get too close, or “stare them in the eye”! 😉

Glasses: Free People
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Made by Mary
Backpacks: Fawn Design

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