The Dreamiest Spot in Kyoto

You know those places and moments that you wish that you could just teleport back to? Especially on those days where you feel like you can’t get your act together!? (Let’s be honest, that’s practically every day for me. 😉 ) I’d teleport back to this moment, and this place, errrrrday. Haha, seriously though! The Bamboo Forest was pure serenity. Maybe it’s because we had just walked from the chaos of Monkey Park? Or maybe it’s because both of our girls had fallen asleep in the stroller, so Brad and I could enjoy a conversation? It was just so peaceful in there, let alone BEAUTIFUL. We had so much fun walking around, enjoying some one-on-one time, and taking in the beauty around us! In my opinion, this is the dreamiest place in all of Kyoto!
Jacket: ASOS
Backpack: Fawn Design

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