Summer, is that you?

Today we had 75 degree weather, which is unheard of for March in Salt Lake City! I swear it’s usually snowing here this time of the year — but hey, I am NOT complaining. We grabbed our sunglasses, one of us put our sandals on the wrong feet ;), and we walked down to the lake. Brad guided Lucy in her little VW bus, and I walked Greta in the stroller as she slept. I was reminded of summer, and how much I enjoy the fresh warm air. We have a favorite walk from our house to the lake, and it’s starting to feel nostalgic now. Memories of Brad curb-walking with me to induce my labor with Lucy, quiet walks with my first newborn, countless bike rides, walking to food trucks every week and occasionally running home in the rain after… I loved watching Lucy drive her little bus on “our walk”, and I’m so excited for all the memories that this coming summer brings!

Watch the video I made on instagram!


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