^^^ Thanks for the shot @Herrmannator ! ^^^ This is what we were blessed to call home for the 10 days ? LOVE Airbnb

^^^ Cheeky Monkey…
^^^ PHI PHI ISLAND! Photocred: @Salomeandreaa

^^^ I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS, and watching Soony on this cliff gave me a heart attack.

Hello everyone! Brad here, and I’m wanting to highlight my most recent trip to Krabi, Thailand with Albion fit. I’ve been to Thailand 3 other times before this trip, but never to the coast, and my mind was blown!

The trip consisted of 10 days 8 friends trying to cover as much ground (or water) as possible while also getting shot of everyone wearing Albion’s newest line of apparel (which I’m in love with).

I think the best part about Thailand really is the people. They’re always so happy, so helpful and for the most part so kind. For example when i got rear ended by Dave on our scooters and flipped over my handlebars on the highway (another story for another day). But random people from no where ran to the rescue to help and assist in any way possible. Luckily everything was fine, i landed like a cat and possibly more of a dramatic example haha but they’re just great people!

Flying to Asia from USA is THE best, with the time difference you feel like a morning person and we took advantage of that. Every morning we would wake up at 5am and head out to our destination (highly highly recommended). Just imagine, boating on the ocean early morning with this low subtle fog floating over it, meanwhile the sun is rising and the colors of the clouds reflect on the crystal water, giving an unbelievable view… Every morning (get me back there).

We traveled by Thai speed boats, which are semi make shifted, but i loved it. It had a car engine screwed onto the back of this long wooden boat and this huge metal pipe that extends out of it into the water that spins the propeller attached to the end, it went soooo fast and at times i won’t lie, i felt like a pirate 🙂

My favorite island was Phi Phi Island. It’s funny because we had this awesome Airbnb land lord called Soony who, when we ask him if we’re able to swim with fishes, he laughed and said I know just the place. Phi Phi island was SURROUNDED by these neon beautiful fish. we’d pull up to this spot and Soony would throw a piece of bread into the water, then all a sudden HUNDREDS of fish would be going crazy over the bread! (probably crack bread) We jumped into the water and he’d continue to throw more bread and it was almost more fish than water at times haha i couldn’t even see the back display of my camera! Then they would start biting me because i guess i have bread colored skin?

The food in Thailand was amazing, i love Thai food! Seriously anything on the menu and I’m happy. but the best part is the mango sticky rice! they’ve perfected it there and you just eat all your feelings until you can’t eat any more hahah

But my Friend Jess recapped it perfectly:
“We had cut feet from all the lava rocks, stepped on sea urchins, a monkey attack, rabies shots, jumping off boats, ripped off toe nails, swimming with fish and sharks, getting bit by fish, falling off tree bridges, crashed my scooter (this was the funniest! Jess thought the Gas was the brake… HAHA she’s okay), sun burns, hellish hikes, pad thai for days, mango sticky rice up to our eyeballs, and laughing all night every night till we couldn’t speak.”

It was just so inspiring to be surrounded by so many talented people. What would’ve made it even more perfect is if my Hailey was there! She was being a champ and stayed home with little Greta and Lu. So this for sure won’t be the last Thailand video you’ll see 😉

But i wanted to thank Albion Fit for this amazing opportunity! You can’t find a better company. They are built upon the best principles and the owners are probably the best people alive on earth. Haiz and I love everything about them.

Hope you enjoy the video, I’ve worked so hard on it!

[Equipment: @canon_photos 1DX Mark ii w/ 70-200, 24-105, 50mm, 17-40. @djiglobal Mavic and Ronin. @gopro Hero 5]


  1. Cami Slaughter
    March 1, 2017 / 6:41 am

    Nice work Brad! Take me with you next time! Albionfit always has such cute stuff.

  2. March 1, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    Oh! I love everything about this! So amazing! Quick question for Brad- what was the Airbnb called that you stayed i? What it in Krabi or on Phi Phi Island?

    • Hailey Devine
      March 2, 2017 / 3:04 pm

      Sadly, I don’t know what it was called (I will find out!) but it was in Krabi!

      • March 6, 2017 / 1:57 pm

        Haha, no worries if you can’t find out. We’re traveling there in May so I was just curious. I’ll look in Krabi. Thank you!!

  3. Katie
    March 5, 2017 / 11:21 pm

    These photos are incredible! you did a great job with the video. Very nice work!

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