Before having kids, I envisioned myself as a mother of a bunch of long haired boys. And I ended up with the exact opposite! I don’t know why I envisioned that, because I come from a family of mostly girls, and I was pretty bald as a baby too. With my pregnancies we saved the gender surprise for delivery, and both times I was convinced that I was carrying a boy. It made for such a sweet surprise, when both of my peach-fuzzy headed girls arrived. Neither Greta or Lucy have much hair, and they both have had their fair share of being called boys! I’m always stuck in those awkward conversations of, “How old is your little boy!?” and I have to respond “SHE is two and a half!” Ha! Lucy is almost three and she only has a couple inches of hair. I love every bit of it, and she rocks those tiny curls with such confidence! Hair confidence is so important, and I’m excited to be working with Dove’s #LoveYourHair campaign to encourage mothers to share a #LoveYourHair selfie to pass along hair confidence to their daughters. Join Dove’s mission, and inspire the girls in your life to love their hair!

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