Balancing Work and Family


When we’re not traveling, a typical day in our house starts with eating breakfast together as a family! This is our time to sit down together, pray, and set goals for the day. We eat eggs almost everyday (Brad makes a KILLER over-easy egg!) or waffles. Lately Lucy has been waking Brad up around 7:30am, and he lets me sleep with Greta until about 8am. That extra half an hour of sleep is SO APPRECIATED, because I’m usually up late editing and nursing throughout the night. Everyday is different for us, but we usually take turns working and taking care of the girls. If one of us has a time sensitive project, the other will take the girls out to run an errand or do something fun. We have the best park down the street from us, and that is our go-to when it’s warm outside! Lucy is always wanting to skateboard with Brad. She actually stood up for the first time on her own the other day! Maybe they’ll have that in common together as she grows up. It’s so great to have Brad work from home, because he gets to be so involved with Lucy and Greta all day long. He’s a better Mom than I am sometimes! 😉 Anyway, in the morning when we are setting goals for the day, we set a time to be done with work, usually around 6pm. We stop looking at emails, and most importantly, we stop talking about projects for that time period. As much as we love what we do, it’s so necessary to have that time for our marraige and for our whole family relationship! We love to get out of the house, go for a walk, feed the ducks at the lake, ride bikes, or do something that we all enjoy together! Then we eat dinner, turn on a movie, and put the girls to bed. I feel like everyday we are constantly working on the balance of family and work life, and would love to hear what you work-at-home parents do to find this balance!

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