Baby Mama taking on the City

BHD_5505BHD_5509^^ I love Greta’s reflection in my glasses! Ha! ^^

IMG_0840BHD_5521BHD_5516This was the first time Brad and I have traveled somewhere, to work on separate projects. It was a learning experience for sure! He was working on a video for one of our corporate clients, and I was working on a NYC travel guide with my good friend, Amber. It was crazy packing around  a tripod and a newborn baby, but we made it happen! Greta practically slept the whole time, and was such a doll. The cutest stranger saw me with my hands full, and offered to carry my tripod across the Brooklyn Bridge for me! I love people. He was seriously a life saver because my arms were about to fall off! Ha! Anyway, we are launching our new website, Somewhere Devine, later this week and I’m so excited to share it all with you!

Sunglasses: Nordstrom || Choker: Nordstrom || Baby wrap: Solly Baby


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