Second Baby Bumpdate: WEEK 27

How Far Along? 27 weeks Weight Gain: A solid 20 pounds! Maternity Clothes? Yes, but somehow still squeezing into my overalls!? Sleep? Getting pretty uncomfortable… Best moment this week? We’ve been cooped up pretty sick this week, but yesterday we had a chance to get outside for a bit and Lucy started spraying us with the garden hose! Hahah! I couldn’t help but laugh because of how funny SHE thought it was. It wasn’t so funny when one of Brad’s friends came to buy his laptop and Lucy sprayed her in the face…. SO EMBARRASSING! Sorrrrry! Weird pregnancy moment? Feeling SO SWOLLEN and having Braxton Hicks non-stop now. Movement: Yes! I feel like the baby is doing jumping jacks all day and it hurts! Food Cravings: My cravings have gone down (well for sweets anyway…) and it’s felt good to eat some healthier food options. Anything making you queasy? Weird stuff like watching Lucy play with her play-doh makes me lose my appetite hahah Gender: Still predicting a boy… And still pretty stumped on girl names, if it’s a girl (we’re waiting to find out the gender at delivery!) What I’m looking forward to: Getting a somewhat normal body back after pregnancy…
Watch: Arvo || Sunglasses: Free People || Overalls: Similar here 


  1. July 15, 2016 / 10:18 pm

    Liv Poppy Devine!! Love your fam, you guys are the cutest :))))

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