St. Simons Island

^^ Drift Wood beach on Jekyll Island was amazing ^^
^^ Walking around Savannah, GA with Lulu on my bump ^^
^^ Cracking up over Lucy in the background! We ALMOST got a picture of all the cousins… ^^
^^ The face they both gave me when I told them to smile – haha! Couldn’t they be sisters!? ^^


After three years of my sister Cami living in Georgia, we finally went to visit! My sister Erika, my Mom, and I. We flew into Orlando on a redeye flight and then picked up a rental car to drive to St. Simons Island (3.5 hr drive) and it was SUCH a bad idea! I hardly slept on the red-eye because I couldn’t get comfortable with Lucy sleeping on me with my pregnant belly – haha! We got to Orlando, and were one hour into the drive when (right on que!) Lucy started puking! NOOOOO! Hahaha I was seriously not amused. I have cleaned up more Lucy puke than I ever should in a life-time! That girl does not do well in the car. Anyway, we pulled over, cleaned up, and finally got to Cami’s in St Simons! It was so fun to finally walk around her house, and to see Lucy instantly get swept up to go play with cousins. St. Simons is seriously beautiful — I’m glad my sister lives there, because I probably would have never visited! The spanish moss that hangs from the trees…. Heart eyes for dayyyyyys! One day we rented bikes and zoomed through all these trees covered in moss… It was seriously magical! Thanks again for hosting us, Cam!


  1. May 27, 2016 / 7:59 pm

    I'm so sorry Lucy gets car sick. 🙁 That would be so hard. I am glad that you guys had a good trip overall though. It looks so fun!

  2. May 27, 2016 / 8:59 pm

    Looks like a dream… wow! I know how you feel about the red eye though… My husband and I once took a red eye into Orlando and then drove to Panama City (7 hours) and it was… well… we won't ever do that again. So glad you had a lovely time though <3 the pictures are gorgeous and the babies are so stinkin' adorable! xX

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