Tokyo is one of our top favorite cities. The culture is so welcoming, the streets are so colorful, and we’ve never felt so safe.


1) Shibuya Crossing at night. This is one of the world’s busiest intersections, over one million people cross this street per day! Make sure you go at night, because that’s when the city lights are on, and it’s extra busy.

2) Rent electric street bikes. We believe that biking is the best way to see any city. Ask the front desk of any hotel in Tokyo (even if you’re not a guest there) to purchase a bike card. The bike card allows you to rent the red electric street bikes, and they are so fun! It feels like someone is pushing you up the hills.

3) The Sensoji Temple. It is a great photo opportunity, and a great place to experience some traditional Japanese culture! The walkway is filled with different food and souvenir shops. Make sure you try some mochi, and some melon soft served ice cream!

4) The Robot Restaurant. Take note that this is a show, not a restaurant and is not suitable for small children (It’s very loud and mildly inappropriate). However, I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a unique anime-like show. It’s hilarious and the robots will blow your mind! You’ll walk out of there thinking “Did that really just happen!?”.

5) Shinjuku at night. It’s filled with big screens, and bright lights — It’s like the Times Square of Tokyo!

6) Tokyo Disney Sea. This is the sister-park of Tokyo Disneyland, and we like it best. The rides are more unique, and the design of the park is so beautiful — you feel like you’re walking through Italy! Disney Sea is famous for it’s crazy flavored popcorn, like cappuccino and curry, so be sure to try some. The alien mochi over by Toy Story is also cute and yummy! Make sure you get a fast-pass for ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ because that is their best and most busiest ride.

7) Takeshita Street. It’s in the heart of Harajuku, and you feel like you’re jumping into an anime comic book! It’s a street filled with modern-anime-like vendors. Be sure to try and crepe and some bubble tea!

8) Meiji Shrine. This shrine stands in the entrance of a lush green park. It’s a nice quiet spot to escape from the busy city.

9) Monster Cafe.  This is a restaurant in Harajuku, that offers a crazy colorful environment, interesting music, and rainbow food! The servers are dressed in costume, and are happy to take pictures!

10) Edo Castle.  This is a great place to take photos, and learn about ancient Japanese history!


1) Yakiniku. Restaurants that serve thinly sliced beef that you cook at your table. It is HEAVEN.

2) Udon Noodles with Tempura Shrimp. This is our “go-to meal”, because you can find it anywhere and it’s so good.

3) Melon soft served ice cream. It’s green (fun for pictures!) and really yummy.

4) Mochi Ice Cream. It’s ice cream wrapped in a Japanese rice cake! I could eat these for days…

5) Vending machine drinks. Some of our favorites: Qoo (apple juice), Hot Chocolate, Pocari Sweat, and Minute Maid White Grape with Aloe (my absolute favorite). Also make note that blue labels are cold drinks, red labels are hot drinks.

Also seen in this video, are spots from Kyoto, Japan! Be sure to visit the Torri Gates, and ride bikes around the Bamboo Forest.

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