On The West Coast

^^ I love coming to Huntington Beach because this is the same “HB” that we put on all of our letters while Brad was on his mission… Now I can’t help but read all of these HB’s as “Hailey & Brad” ! ^^
 ^^ Brad’s darling parents ^^
We bought an HB hat here in a gift shop and Brad left it in a movie theater or something, and lost it. The next time we came to Huntington Beach we went out of our way to buy that same hat. Then we went home and he lost it again. Like a week later! Hahahah it was just not meant to be, I guess.

This evening on the beach was so nice, after spending the whole day at Disneyland — I love vacations that wear Lucy out, because she has no choice but to sleep on my shoulder. 😉 My in-laws Gladys and Terry were with us, and they spoil us to death. Glady carries my bag, and pushes my stroller and says “You two go walk and hold hands!” — She truly is the most selfless and happy person I’ve ever met. And then there is Terry who starts talking to random people and telling them jokes. Hahah! I guess he can get away with it, with that british accent. 😉 He walked around doing his “muscle walk” and “drunk walk”, and I can’t help but crack up watching strangers reactions — sooo many eyebrow lifts. Hahah. We ate at Ruby’s on the pier, and note to self: Don’t order clam chowder at a burger joint, it wasn’t very good. BUT the company we were surrounded with was great. 🙂

Brad’s Hat: Ogden Made || Sunglasses: Free People


  1. August 14, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    Hi! I love your jumpsuit! Where is it from?

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