Look out, She’ll give you the finger

You better look out, or she will give you the finger! 😉
Lucy is at the most fun age. She point and “oohs” at everything! If she sees a body of water she says “Quack Quack”, assuming she will see a duck. She puts her feet in my face, and scrunches her nose for me to sniff them and say “Eww stinky feet!” – Her teeth are coming in (she has four molars!) and she had an underbite, like I did. (Say hello to headgear, you poor thing.) She dances to music and love to give kisses – She claps and says “Yay!” after! Her hair is finally starting to come in, and its curly! The other morning she came running into the bathroom with a cheeky smile, wearing my bra! Hahaha BRAD! I about fell to the floor, I was laughing so hard. Lucy still likes to cuddle, and will sleep pretty much anywhere. I love pulling her out of her carseat and she lays her head on my shoulder! She is obsessed with her “baba” (bottle) and binky – I don’t know how we will ever take them away! She is a fish, she lovvvves the water. Everytime we go for a walk, she begs to get into the lake.. And she usually gets her way. We always walk home super wet. Ha! She keeps life such an adventure.

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