Hiking the Preikestolen

I have been dying to take my Dad up to the Preikestolen, because he was the one who taught me to appreciate mountains. He literally hikes every single day after he gets home from work.. He loves it! I loved hearing his commentary about the path and every little detail on the way up and down. I have also been dying to take Brad up to the Preikestolen, because of his “fear of heights”. The three of us walked out about 5 feet from the edge and they both stopped as I went and took a seat! I egged on my Dad, “You can lay down and put your head up here for a picture!” he didn’t even think twice before coming and sitting by me, “I can’t get beat by my little girl!” Hahaha! The whole scenario was hilarious because Brad was in a cold sweat snapping the picture of us (hence, thats why it’s a tad blurry hahah) but eventually he made it to the edge too! I mean… You can’t come all this way and not do it. Right!? Proud of you sweetie!! We hiked up with all of our norwegian relatives, and they got a kick out of Brad’s helicopter we flew at the top — I cannot wait to share the footage!

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