Red White and Blue

My Dad has always been known for making his seemingly impossible ideas to come to life. I wasn’t surprised when last year he voiced his idea to display a giant flag on the mountain over our neighborhood, and succeeded to make it happen. I love how he thrives on spreading joy to others (like the star at Christmas time) while genuinely seeking no attention for it in return. Being his proud kids, we are obligated to make some buzz about how ridiculously awesome he is. 😉 I had a blast being involved this year (I’m the one behind the camera!) and am so thankful for a Dad that creates such memorable traditions for us all to enjoy. Happy Fourth everybody! I sure am proud to be an American.

Check out the photos taken by Heather Tycksen and Travis Richardson.
^^as seen snapping away in this video^^
More details about the story & logistics behind the flag on Fox13 and KSL.


  1. July 4, 2014 / 5:27 pm

    that is soooo awesome!!!

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