Siblings Taking Budapest

My brother Trevor and I filmed an event in Budapest last weekend! We laughed our heads off when we walked into our hotel room (after requesting two beds) to see them pushed together into a queen bed! Aw man, why does that always happen to us!? At least we had separate sheets and bedding : Hahaha — The weekend was non-stop hilarity. Not knowing the language and almost getting smashed in the doors of the sketchy subway… And it was ironic because we literally starved in Hungary haha! The food was terrible (perhaps we went to all the wrong places?) and we basically lived off of McD’s the whole trip. But man, it sure was beautiful.

Trev was sick one of our down days, so I rented a bike and went and rode around the city by myself. I felt like I was in a movie when a guy playing a violin in a restaurant waved me over and sang “That’s Amore” to me.
Is that my only option…? “Hell yes!”
 ^^Skyping Brad — apparently he’s not as stoked about this european sandwich as I was hahah^^
Here’s the video we produced out there:

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